Project Planning

We appreciate all the Do-It-Yourself-er’s out there that take on the challenge to some changes and repairs to their home. But lets be clear -making any change on your home and roof of any size, does call for some project planning to ensure that you have made the proper arrangements and decisions to have a successful and professional finish.

Building Codes And Permits

Building codes vary greatly depending on where you live. Any roofing project you undertake must comply with building codes applicable to your jurisdiction. Certain areas of the country have region-specific building codes of compliance. For example, Miami-Dade County in Florida enforces building codes to ensure that homeowners have the best protection against weather events such as hurricanes.

Before you begin any roofing project, it is vitally important to obtain the applicable building code. Contact your town’s municipal building to obtain the proper building permits and for the correct building codes for your area. If you do not obtain a building permit for your roofing project, you may be subject to significant fines and penalties.

Recycling And Waste Disposal

The most important step to preparing your roof for recycling is to pre-sort materials as they come off the roof. Shingles, felt or other asphaltic underlayment, and nails are what get recycled. The goal is to get these materials into a separate pile or container. Doing this pre-sorting can even save you money, because you’re making it easier for the recycler.

Wood, metal, and other mixed jobsite debris should be kept separate. Many recyclers will allow you to place these materials on top of the load—maybe with a tarp separating the two layers—but it must be easy for the recycler to separate the materials, otherwise the load will not be recycled. Check with your recycler first.

You can find a recycler near you at Or, many transfer stations have recycling arrangements. Be sure to call in advance to see if there are any special requirements.

Choosing Colors/Styles

Try our virtual remodeler this is a great way to see what your roofing ideas will really look like!

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